22 January 2010

special dedicate to nurul izzah...

one n half year we spent together.. we shared all happiness together.. all begins from LAWN BOWL.. we r all bowlers.. yes we r all UTM bowlers.. on 3rd of janury, we make a surprised private bufday party special for nurul izzah mukhtar. . Rina anuar act as mastermind.. the location just located at UTM's lake near balai pengawal.. arghh.. dun noe wat 2 say, i just want 2 shared this precious moment..

appy bufday izzah(rina blanje ni)
too delicious.. rina.. we want more.. yeah.. we want more..
it's not enough for us.. x puas mkn.. hehe...

with kueh lapis from indonesia special from kak acu
before pija start all the evil thing..

argh.. so pity la u izzah.. dun be angry ek.. my past bufday lg terok than this lorh..
rina just like our sister even she's younger than us.. she's very matured

sume ni keje pija si kecik..

our mama.. without her husband.. anybody wanna try to be our new papa?? just let me noe.. hihi..
kaka dayana, jgn marah ek..

after all of us finished makan, then we started to chat among us.. we laugh, we smile, we talk, we... we.. we.. we ape lg ek?? erkk.. then, we tidy all the unpleasant container and now time to b a model.. ewww... bergambar...

yeayy.. at last, its succeed.. i like the lighting..

hey guys.. what r u looking for??

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